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Placing Youth on the Path to Success


What We Offer

Empowering Children to Be a Better Version of Themselves


Courses, Contests and Clubs

Free courses and contests building a better future through debates, public speaking, performing arts and more!

Fundraising and Community Service

Making a Difference, Imparting education, Impacting the World, One Child at a Time

Nosfam Talks

With Industry experts and brilliant students, shaping the Leaders of Tomorrow - Talk to be Heard



We Offer What You Need


The Courses

With students who undertake extra-curricular activities doing three times better than their peers, at NOSFAM, we have a plethora of clubs and courses where we provide a platform for students to express their creativity and talent. Students meet at regular intervals and collaborate to ensure maximum efficiency.


The Underprivileged

To fill the gap between the rich and poor,  NOSFAM conducts outreach programs by mentoring poor communities, teaching them basic math, language and other essentials. We conduct fundraisers for orphanages. We look forward to collaborating with various organizations to make the world a better place to live in.


Nosfam Talks

Nosfam Talks is the all exclusive talk show where experts from innumerable fields converse with our students on a plethora of topics, ranging from economics, to politics to the environment. Experiences shared by experts, opinions brought to a consensus and verdicts uncensored, ‘NOSFAM Talks’, one of our newest initiatives, is here to stay!