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of hiring managers say it is indeed extremely important to consider creativity while hiring employees. Here at NOSFAM, through our talk sessions, we ensure that students gain the utmost exposure, leading to higher creativity levels.


of managers say it is important to consider Critical Thinking when hiring. Through our talk shows, industry experts, fascinating teenagers, and inspirations world over converse with our students, thoroughly enhancing their critical thinking.

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Nosfam Talks

Every Voice is Heard

If you can speak, you can influence. And if you can influence, you can change lives. That is exactly what we aim to do through interactive and collaborative talk sessions. Experiences shared by experts, opinions brought to a consensus and verdicts uncensored, ‘NOSFAM Talks’, one of our newest initiatives, is here to stay! Previously, we have had talks with Professor Madhu Kishwar of the ICSSR, Giri Balasubramanium, founder of Greycaps, and Rysha Sultania, founder of Teen Tribune. Don't miss out on the any episode of NOSFAM talks, where experts take you through incredible journeys, answering all your questions in the process. And remember, every voice has a microphone, so you will be heard!