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What are the benefits of collaborating with us?

The benefits of collaborating with us are innumerable. For schools, we branch out through the chapter method. More information is given about this in the "Make a Nosfam Chapter" section. For student led initiatives wishing to collaborate with us, we provide a medium for your voices, and your passion through the NOSFAM Talks. We provide the medium of interaction between you and our students where you could engage in fruitful discussions, ending up in widening your outreach. We also post very frequently on our Instagram and Facebook about collaborations, and will also strive to include them in our newsletters.

How do I register?

Registering for NOSFAM as a student is very easy. All you need to do is fill out a Google Form, and then leave the rest to us. Once you fill the form, one of the members from the respective Communications Team gets in touch with you. He/She briefs you on all the happenings at NOSFAM, after which you are a registered student with NOSFAM! You can also communicate with us through our phone numbers. DMs on both our socials; Facebook and Instagram are invariably open and you can expect a very prompt response. Register now! We can’t wait to have you on board!

How are sessions conducted at NOSFAM?

Sessions are conducted very smoothly at NOSFAM. All of them happen on Zoom, for which students are given the links to in advance. Each course has a unique meeting ID which is very secure thanks to the password. Classes happen in the evenings on respective days (based on the course schedule), and occur for 1 hour. Talk Shows, as well as Q and A last for 1.5 hours, and other tournament related sessions also go on for 1.5 hours.

How do we benefit your child?

We encourage creativity, critical thinking and collaboration through via education through debates and discussion. There is a significant reduction of the burden on parents and teachers. We also provide certificates to help them in college admissions. We give children necessary exposure and experience required to thrive in the real world. We also provide them with instant doubt-clearing and encourage them to study more, explore more and learn more.


Word on the Street

Have a look at what our registrants as well as their parents have to say about our activities, and our general way of functioning.

NOSFAM is a wonderful initiative taken by such talented bunch of youngsters. Kids have learnt to open, up give speeches search for topics and debate a lot more. It's really helpful, especially during the pandemic as kids, very creatively, have fun!

Kshama Shetty,

NOSFAM gave me the best learning experience. It is not a school, but it's much beyond that. I enjoy learning in from the mentors. Debating and theatre club are my favorite. The contests are very fascinating.

R Muthumeenakshi,

During a time of global crisis, I would like to appreciate team NOSFAM for having inspired, motivated young minds to dream big, stay positive, and work hard and enjoy the journey of life. All the best to the team!

Dr Shripathi Adiga,

These are just a handful of our happy and confident students/parents! Join NOSFAM today to experience a truckload of contentment, all from your computer screen!